Why e-ADR

Disputes are a completely normal and healthy aspect of business and society. Unfortunately dispute resolution systems in the country are highly under capacity. The current demand for effective resolution is not met, and there are vast new categories of disputes, owing to the rapidly changing economy, that do not have effective mechanisms for resolution.

Slow Speed of Resolution

Most disputes have no speedy remedy. Whether it is a simple consumer dispute, or a contract dispute, the process is often unclear and winding. In higher value matters interim relief from the courts takes months and final resolution takes years.

Uncertain Resolution

While courts are seen as an endless process with multiple appeals and ultimately uncertain enforceability, even consumer or business disputes that follow other pathways confront a lack of finality in resolution and a slow but sure extended erosion of trust.

High Cost of Resolution

Many categories of disputes have unpredictable costs of resolution. When considered in high volume these costs add up significantly. New economy businesses and others with large consumer or partner relationships carry high risks.

Erosion of Trust

Current methods actively seed distrust amongst the parties and in the mechanisms themselves. Consumer disputes are seen as rigged against consumers, partner disputes as rigged against smaller partners and others slowly lose the battle of adversarial process.


Consumers and citizens are not adequately aware of their remedies in the event of a dispute, and even less of the various ways in which their disputes can be resolved